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Publicaciones (9)

Geothermal energy exploitation in an island-based 100% renewables strategy. Case study of Tenerife (Spain)

Evaluation method of marine spaces for the planning and exploitation of offshore wind farms in isolated territories. A two-island case study

Integration of a Geothermal Plant in a System with High Renewable Energy Penetration for Desalination Plant Self-Consumption

A New Control Algorithm to Increase the Stability of Wind–Hydro Power Plants in Isolated Systems:

Development of a Territorial Planning Model of Wind and Photovoltaic Energy Plants

Key issues on the exergetic analysis of H2O/LiBr absorption cooling systems

Exergy analysis of two indirect evaporative cooling experimental prototypes

Dynamic simulation and exergetic analysis of a solar thermal collector installation

Methodological Proposal for the Assessment Potential of Pumped Hydropower Energy Storage